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March 1, 2007
Junior Winners
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Topic: Parade of Bands

Since this information is not available anywhere else online as far as I can tell, I thought it would be useful to post here:

The 2007 Junior Parade (national competition) was held on Saturday February 17th, 2007. All 1st place winners were non-school bands.

Large Bands Winner:
Rosalind Gabriel - Many Faces One Nation

Medium Bands winner:
Gerald Kelly Children's Carnival Band - Wonders of the World

Small Bands winner
Anra Bobb and Associates - It's Festival Time

Mini Bands winner:
Spoilt Rotten Kids - Viva Las Vegas

Posted by Trini at 4:00 PM MNT
Updated: March 1, 2007 11:01 PM MNT
February 5, 2005

Now Playing: All Is Yours - Onika Bostic
Topic: Music
TriniBashment soca CD is sold out at Disco Trak in Curepe so must settle for just having Bunji's CD (Blaze de fire!!) and Soca Switch, two very awesome discs! Soca Switch is the 11th edition and I really feel it would have been made more complete and perfect had they included Faye-Ann Lyon's glorious "Breakaway"! What was Chinese Laundry thinking?!? I actually only bought this just to have Bostic's "All is yours" but most of the other tracks are quite good including Machel's "You", Shurwayne's "Dead or Alive" and the delicious Bunji Garlin - Patrice Roberts collaboration "The Islands"
Didn't find anything worthy to buy in the 'serious' calypso genre....but maybe I didn't look closely enough.

Posted by Trini at 12:01 AM MNT
Updated: February 23, 2005 6:44 PM MNT
February 20, 2004
International Soca Monarch 2004
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Now Playing: Clear de Road (Faye Ann Lyons)
Topic: Soca Monarch

Location: PSA Grounds
Organiser: Caribbean Prestige Promotions
Start Time: 7:00pm
Telecast Start time: promptly at 11:00pm
Well, it is Trinidad I suppose. But TV6 advertised the show as starting at 9:30pm. Many people got fed up of waiting at 10:30pm and just went to bed. Others just laughed and waited and waited...A courtesy announcement came about 15 minutes before the telecast began saying the show had been delayed with no other explanation.
It was as international as it could get (at this stage) with live webcast on Tidco's website and apparently broadcast on American cable channel BET but many fans think the show was lacklustre especially when compared to the 2003 show.
Most of the performances were nothing special so it's no wonder Bunji stole the show with his fireworks glove, freestlying lyrics and the dragon. Some artists just had too many people 'props' onstage with them so they got lost in the crowd. Other artists kept trying to get the masses to move from one side of the grounds to the next but clearly this crowd had no such intentions and I think it would have served the artists well to watch each other perform so they know in what state of mind is the audience. It would also do the artists well to remember that they have come to sing the songs that people have been hearing on the radio in the way it has been arranged and it actually detracts from enjoyment of the song and the performance when they come and do something entirely different. The stage set-up left much to be desired (one could see the wooden plank that artists had to avoid while onstage--come on people!) Even the TV6 announcers couldn't get the names of the artists right, announcing the wrong person because there was an apparent mix up or maybe because the artists hadn't arrived yet, we still do not know why that was. As for the all-inclusiveness: many patrons were unsatisfied-- perhaps they should stick to selling drinks and food. An unconfirmed report states one of the food/drink tents was flattened by the rush of people. There were too many long lines to get food and drinks. There was definitely a bottleneck when it came to giving people what they wanted to satisfy their hunger/thirst. Given the hype surrounding this show, it did not deliver the goods. The 2005 show has got to exceed all expectations of perfection for the world to take us seriously. If we are ready for soca to take the world by storm, then please let us show it in every way!

Calypso Website

Posted by Trini at 12:01 AM MNT

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