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Fraud List

Have you been the victim of web-fraud? It's not a good experience at all, something you do not wish to happen to you ever again. There are no guarantees, but this web-page will attempt to offer you a fighting chance to avoid being a victim again, or ever, if you are one of the lucky people who are still fraud-free. This is my little experiment. If it works the way it should, it should provide helpful information to all interested people, which is my sole mission.

The list will be compiled from information obtained from the victims (some just like yourself) who want to warn others of certain nefarious individuals who promise but never deliver, ... and I'm not talking about politicians here! Details of the transaction that did not get completed will be given through information posted on a mailing list. The information is not meant to be a disrespect to anyone, so if you have been "blacklisted" you will be given a chance to respond and be removed from consideration as such.

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