Mitzi Kapture

Mitzi stars as Marcie Russell

Baywatch Interview
Storytellers Pictures

Michael Worth

Michael stars as Kris Krengle


Tippi Hedren

Tippi stars as Lillian Glosner

Renee Roland

Renee Roland producer of the Storytellers
Renee Roland is currently the head of productions for the independently financed Da-Lin Films based in the Ray Arts Studio in Encino, CA. She continues her pursuit of three other independent projects. Recent work includes directing "Vicious Circle", another indie film. To her credit are several feature films, videos, CD-Rom, specials, commercials and short films. Her talents as a producer are well-known and it is said that she is an expert in making low budget films look like bigger budget studio pictures. At the beginning of this year, she completed the coming-of-age feature film Ride, a snowboarding feature sponsored by Sony Playstation, Ride Snowboard Equipment and Red Bull Energy Drink. She also co-produced and starred in the 1940's film noir Joykiller, which has received critical acclaim on the film festival circuit.

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