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'The Storytellers' News


Released at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000, The Storytellers was an immediate hit. As a result of the distribution hype surrounding the film, the feature made back its initial budget expenses within the first year of release. The film had initially been picked up for distribution before it was even completed by Steamroller Productions (formerly Seagal-Nasso Productions.) The Storytellers has been playing in the UK on Sky Movie Max channels. US fans have yet to see the film released in their territory. Hence the pirated copies are circulating among desperate ones who cannot wait to see Mitzi Kapture, Tippi Hedren and Michael Worth.

Mitzi Kapture and Michael Worth are scheduled to attend the premiere showing of their new movie- The Storytellers, at the Harmony Gold Screening room on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles later this week.

The Storytellers is a romantic comedy about a screen writer (played by Tippi Hedren) who forces her grandson (Kris Krengle-played by Worth) to sell her scripts. Kris is the real 'storyteller' though, since he has to pretend to actually have authored the scripts that he's trying to sell. The tangled web he weaves soon takes on a romantic twist when he falls for agent Marcie Russell (played by Kapture) and the rest is history retold in this 90-minute feature.

Also in attendance will be Zach Galligan. Tippi Hedren is not among the list of attendees however as she will be in Monte Carlo. Other famous names who may show include Steven Seagal, and Julius Nasso, whose company Seagal/Nasso productions owns the foreign distribution rights to the film. Fans of Mitzi, Michael and Tippi need not wait too long if they do miss the premiere however since 'The Storytellers' is scheduled for US release in June this year. And if you like what you see, which you will, (!) look out for at least two more productions from 'Storytellers' producer Renee Roland, who has already funded two additional films, backed by none other than the Sultan of Brunei.

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Last modified August 20, 2002

The author wishes to thank Andy Nelson for being very forthcoming with this information. Thanks! :)

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