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The Storytellers (1999)
Journal entry

(from a source very close to the movie!)

The film wrapped last Friday, May 28, finishing a grueling four weeks
of filming. ...I can confirm my initial impressions of Mitzi as a very nice, very
patient and long-suffering professional. No matter what it looks like,
acting is NOT the glamorous business it appears: Dreadfully long days,
terribly inconvenient call times (especially for night shoots),
physically uncomfortable conditions. Yet despite all the inconveniences
and discomforts thrust upon her, no matter how late we ran or how
early was her call time, no matter how long she ended up having to
wait for us to get lit (ahem...blame those on me, since that was my
department), no matter how hot or uncomfortable we made her, she was
never anything other than a perfect lady. Always sweet, always
cheerful and of good humor. Never complained (that I know of--and I
would probably have heard about it if she had), never got impatient,
never let on if anything was bothering her.

One day we were to shoot some major scenes of her--in fact, she was
the central character for the whole day. Three hours into the
lighting, we got word that not only had Mitzi not arrived, she wasn't
even on her way--she was in the emergency room! Turns out she'd cut
one of her fingers badly enough to require that kind of attention. She
would have been completely within her rights to ask for the day to be
rescheduled, but being the pro that she is, she came to the set as
soon as she was released, and finished the day without ever letting on
how much pain or discomfort she was in.

Another night we were shooting a fairly romantic, intimate (in the
higher sense of the word) scene between her and the male lead,
complete with a little campfire and some candles, on the beach in
Malibu. Very romantic, very beautiful on film (I hope, anyway--I
didn't see the dailies for that one). If you have never been to
Malibu, nights on the beach can be FREEZING! Most of the crew were in
heavy jackets or coats; the DP was even wearing a full-length down
winter coat! But poor Mitzi was wearing only a beach robe with
sweatpants and t-shirt underneath. Despite the several hours it took
for us to get that scene shot out, she never once complained about the
cold, never tried to hurry us up, never said or did anything that gave
away how cold she must have been. (In all fairness, the male lead,
Michael Worth, was clad only in swimming trunks, and had a 100-foot
run from the water to the fire where Mitzi was sitting. Despite the
fact that he was slicked down (to make it appear as if he'd just come
out of the water), and despite the biting wind, he carried on like a
trooper too, doing a marvelous job of making his freezing run look
like nothing so much as a nice little trot on a warm summer evening.)

The rest of the movie was less stressful to the actors, and of course,
Mitiz and the rest of the cast were great under those circumstances as

There you have it...from the horse's mouth, Mitzi and the cast -troopers all the way! This movie is going to be great! Look out for it when it is released.

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